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Dyno / Tuning

Professional Tuning Services for a variety of Vehicles and Tuning Platforms.

Ostar Motorsports offers OBDII/CAN Flash software upgrades for European and other Sports Cars. Most 'Flash' tunes take less than an hour to install. Custom Dyno Tuning available for all engine types and setups. Our dyno has 2WD and AWD capabilities. We are experienced with all major standalone ECU brands. Ever curious about how much power your car really makes to the tires? We offer multiple Dyno Testing options without breaking the bank. Please fill out the form below, use the 'chat' button, or call us for more information!

Dyno 2WD 2 Pulls - $50.00

Dyno 2WD Hourly - $75.00

Dyno AWD 2 Pulls - $75.00

Dyno AWD Hourly - $125.00