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Audi RS3 / TTRS Small Battery kit

Sep 1st 2022

Here we installed one of our Small Battery kits on a 2019 Audi RS3. The RS3 sheds a whopping 31 lbs by switching the stock component to our kit. When racing we all know that every little bit counts, so here is a good way to start saving. 

This Audi RS3 TTRS small battery kit uses a Braille B2618 battery that works well with daily driver duties. 

Below is a link to our kit:

Will fit:

Audi TTRS 8S

Audi RS3 8V

This kit is meant to give you the best weight savings without sacrificing daily driving duties. The kit utilizes

a Braille B2618 lightweight AGM battery. A weight savings of 31.5LBS!!!!!!!!

Voltage12Full Voltage Charge
Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA)
1168Amp Hour (AH)
Reserve Capacity48 mins.Life Cycle (10%DOD)