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Audi RS3 / TTRS Small Battery kit

Sep 1st 2022

Here we installed one of our Small Battery kits on a 2019 Audi RS3. The RS3 sheds a whopping 31 lbs by switching the stock component to our kit. When racing we all know that every little bit counts, so here is a good way to start saving. This Audi RS3 TTRS small battery kit uses a Braille …

Ostar Motorsports Audi TTRS / Road to 9 seconds

Aug 21st 2021

Day 1 -The Purchase-Here begins the story of our Ostar Motorsports 2019 Audi TTRS. After a few weeks of back and forth with a dealership from North Carolina we finally agreed on numbers and it was time to pick up what would be our TTRS. The plane ride was only about an hour and thirty minutes, …